We Welcome Each Child

funNo two children are alike. At Mary’s Learning Center we have worked with enough kids to attest to the truth of that statement!  Each one has his or her own interests, personality, and family situation. Knowing this is true, we make it our goal to serve children from a variety of backgrounds and with an array of different needs and personalities. We welcome the opportunity to care for each child, including those with special needs or disabilities. We’ve had experience in meeting the needs of these special kids and are happy to be flexible with situations that require us to modify our daily routines and procedures.

Addressing Special Needs

At Mary’s Learning Center, we understand that some kids have special needs which require specific adjustments in schedules and processes. In the past, we have been able to partner with parents to address the special needs of their children and have even had the opportunity to work with the therapists at First Steps. Parents have been able to schedule therapy visits for children at our center. Not only has that been a convenience for parents, but it also has allowed our caregivers to see what activities would be beneficial for each child. We make every effort to be supportive to parents and accommodate as needed.

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