In the end, what our parents say about us is what matters most.  Here are just a few testimonials from those who know us best.


“As parents, choosing a daycare had to be one of the most stressful and emotional decisions we have ever had to make.  (Perhaps we were naive with our first daycare selection, and didn’t fully appreciate the enormous impact a daycare could have in helping to raise and develop our child).  Lucky for us, Mary’s Learning Center “rescued” our child from a less-than-desirable experience in the Spring of 2006, becoming one of the most impactful decisions we have made as parents.  It’s hard to explain the emotions of a parent after dropping off a child and not knowing if they would be safe, healthy, or adequately cared for……but, from the moment that our child was transferred under Mary’s care, those day-to-day emotional heartaches stopped.

Fast forward 10 years.  We have seen 3 of our daughters “graduate” from Mary’s Learning Center, and our 4th daughter is a full-time regular.  Over these past 10 years we have observed our children always happy to walk through their door and always in great spirits when it’s time to go home.  (Even our older kids love to go back when it’s time to pick up their sister.)  There is never any doubt that they are cared for, loved, and safe!  To simply say Mary’s Learning Center is great; that would be a gross understatement of what they really have to offer.  The children, at all ages, are routinely learning the most important developmental skills, such as rules, manners, and respect.  They also receive thorough educational content through Mary’s Preschool teachings and leave the daycare well-prepared for kindergarten.

We consider ourselves to be fortunate and blessed that our kids were (and are) in such wonderful hands.  We can see this reward everyday as our kids emulate the wonderful values that they grew up with.”

-James and Julie Ahern




“We were referred to Mary’s Learning Center in 2005, after bringing home our daughter, adopted from China.  She thrived at Mary’s, learning so much in preparation for school.  I credit the early learning she received at Mary’s for the straight A’s she made when she started attending school.  In 2011, we adopted a second child: this time with special needs. Mary and Barbara patiently worked with her, helping her to catch up with her peers in all areas: language, socially, etc.  It was wonderful how accommodating they were of speech, physical and occupational therapists that came to help our daughter, not to mention their own accommodations for her. From day one in 2005, we knew our children were in very capable hands! I have referred others to Mary’s, who have been equally happy with the love and care provided.”

-Kathy Perry




Mary’s Learning Center is a top notch facility. As a parent it is hard to leave your child with anyone but from the first day we dropped him off I knew it was the right choice. The loving and caring environment that was created allowed him to grow into the child that he is today. They taught him key life skills, helped him expand his social skills and jump started his education. Where else can you go and your child can sing his ABCs forwards, backwards and in Spanish by the time he is 4? During his Kindergarten evaluation he passed with flying colors and everyone wanted to know where he went to Pre-K because “they did an amazing job with him.” I am thankful for the outstanding experience and appreciate how Mary genuinely cared for my son.”

-Jody Smrekar



We LOVE Mary’s Learning Center!…simple as that…being a 1st time mom I was soooo nervous to leave my daughter with anyone when I returned to work. We looked at several places and none felt safe enough for us. When we walked in to MLC we instantly clicked with the facility and the family. Our almost 2-year old, Abby, has been coming to MLC since she was 3-months old and they are literally our 2nd family. Abby is always excited to see them. Not only do they watch children, they actually teach them as well. We love MLC so much that we drive all the way from Speedway just to bring Abby there while we work!….as I always say/post…”THE BEST CHILDCARE EVER!””

-Tanji Bailey



“Mary’s Learning Center is an excellent daycare/preschool! We started going there based on a friend’s recommendation and we are glad we made the choice. We were extremely pleased about the quality of care our children received. They were well prepared for kindergarten and were ahead of the learning curve.”

-Alison Sarbaugh




“My daughter began attending Mary’s Learning Center in October 2014 at the age of three months. Mary and her staff did an amazing job helping me, a new mom, feel comfortable leaving my infant when I returned to work. They listened to my concerns and did everything they could to reassure me that my daughter was in good hands.
At the start of the current school year, my daughter, while still very young, began participating in Mary’s preschool. Each week my daughter was exposed to educational activities that promote intellectual and physical development. These various hands on activities and crafts, have far surpassed my expectations and provided wonderful keepsakes for us and our family. Also, with my permission, Mary posts lots of pictures on social media that help me feel connected with my daughter while I’m at work. Mary and her staff have created a caring and nurturing environment that my child enjoys and looks forward to each and every day.”

-Megan Tolen




“Our son is thriving at daycare with Mary and her team. When we first met Mary, we felt extremely comfortable with the structure provided at the center for the kids to learn. Our son has excelled in his cognitive and motor skills and the interaction with the rest of the kids has been so beneficial. As new parents, you always want to make the right decisions, and Mary’s Learning Center has provided us with peace of mind knowing our son is safe in their care. Our son loves everyone there and they have really become part of his extended family. We would recommend Mary and her team to anyone looking for a safe, secure and loving place for your kids to flourish.”

-Alexis and Daniel Gilbert




“Mary’s Learning Center has been the perfect place for our son. Mary strikes the ideal balance of meeting the children’s physical, educational, and emotional needs. Our son is a big fan of her cooking, too! She operates with a lot of structure and the children seem to blossom under her care. Mary is an educator at heart, and that passion is reflected in the children. As a preschooler, our son was singing the alphabet and counting in both English and Spanish. He surprises us all the time with new pieces of knowledge that he learns from Mary, such as reciting almost all the states in the United States and tying his own shoes. He was reading words and doing math way before they taught it at school. And he’s made great friends! As a mom, I appreciate most that Mary nurtures and holds accountable the children as she does her own. With her, our son feels safe. He feels loved. It is hard to describe the peace of mind she gives us as parents; the feeling of knowing our child is safe and happy in her care is beyond words.”

-Yolanda Means




“Mary’s Learning Center became part of our family nine years ago. My daughter started at the daycare when I returned to work after her birth. My son followed three years later. We were blessed to know that each day they were dropped off they would be loved and cared for in a way that gave us complete peace of mind. Our children also gained the necessary social and academic skills required for a successful transition into public education. This is our first year with nobody at Mary’s and I miss the wonderful activities and heartfelt, handmade gifts my children would make throughout the year. We still stop by to visit and always will because we miss our daycare family.”

-Kerri Thompson




“Mary’s Learning Center is the perfect place to care for your child. You can drop off your children and trust that they will be well cared-for. The caregivers are experienced, patient, and kind; they treat each child as family. They go out of their way to help meet each child’s individual needs, and communicate openly with parents. Their pre-k program teaches children everything they need to start kindergarten and so much more. They coordinate with doctors and therapists, so children who might otherwise struggle are able to catch up before they even enter school.

Each day follows a routine, and in that routine the children have responsibilities and learn the importance of helping each other. Learning activities are well-thought out and interesting, and the crafts and games are creative and fun. I couldn’t have found a better home-away-from-home for my children, or a caregiver more flexible and willing to work with our family’s needs. Mary and her staff helped my daughter enter kindergarten with the confidence and skills she needed, overcoming any delay she might have had being a preemie. They worked through my youngest daughter’s shyness and fears and have helped her become an outgoing and strong child. I highly recommend Mary’s Learning Center to anyone looking for the best care possible for their children.”

-Amy Clark

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