Helping Kids Learn

Everyday Educational Moments

learningKids are like sponges; they soak up so much knowledge from the world around them. Children learn in such simple and profound ways. They learn by playing, by touching, by watching, by listening, by moving. At Mary’s Learning Center, we are tuned in to the ways that young children learn, and we use their natural curiosity about everyday events to teach basic skills and knowledge.

Through informal play and interaction, we are able to support the intellectual and social development of our babies and kids, regardless of their age and stage of development. Whether this is encouraging the verbal development of younger children or teaching older children the basics that will get them ready for school, we approach our time with the kids as an opportunity to help them learn and develop.

Integrated Learning Activities

In order to promote intellectual development, we integrate learning into our everyday activities through crafts, games, and books. While we have some group activities, instruction will be differentiated for each child. With the wide range of ages, developmental stages, and personalities that we have at our center, it is necessary to tailor educational experiences for each child. We get to know each child and what they need so that we can better teach them.

Getting Ready for School

Our approach to education is also very practical. We want to encourage good manners and healthy peer relationships. As kids are preparing to enter school, we teach them things like memorizing their address and phone number and how to tie their shoes. We ensure that they enter school ready to hit the ground running!

We have observed many of our kids doing just that. As children leave our care and move on to kindergarten, we have received feedback about how well prepared they have been to start school. Often they have attained the goals of kindergarten before they even begin, and many of our kids are even beginning to read by the time they leave us!

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