Caring Like Family

A Daycare that Cares

lovingAt Mary’s Learning Center, we function much like a family does. With a child-to-adult ratio of 4 to 1, we have the capability to spend quality one-on-one time with each child and form loving personal relationships. We take a personal interest in each child in our care, and they can tell.  Kids are excited to spend time with us in a place that is safe and secure as well as inviting and enjoyable.

Providing A Friendly Environment

Just like you do at your home, we treat the kids in our care with respect and love. We are friendly and welcoming to them and model a positive attitude, healthy relationships, and good manners. We know that kids learn so much by observing the adults in their lives so we strive to be trustworthy role models.

Partnering with Parents

At Mary’s Learning Center we also strive to build strong personal relationships with the parents of the kids we care for. It is important to us that we maintain open channels of communication with parents. It is our desire that we would be able to work together with parents to make any necessary accommodations for children or address any issues or concerns that arise.

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